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Intro to administrators in the RingCentral app
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Administrators, or admins, have the highest level of permissions within their RingCentral app account. When a user is given these permissions, they will have access to the Administration page via Settings, where they can add new admin users and configure their company account settings.
Users are assigned as an admin by other admin users. In order to be assigned as an admin, you must be a co-worker in the RingCentral app — that is, you must be an employee of your company and not added to the RingCentral app as a guest user.
There are two types of admin users in the RingCentral app: Super Admins and regular RingCentral app admins. 

Super Admins

Initially, the account administrator of a RingEX account is the person who created the account for the company and is called the Super Admin. This person becomes the Super Admin in both the RingCentral online account and RingCentral app.
However, if another user becomes a Super Admin in the RingCentral app, this doesn’t automatically make them a Super Admin in the RingCentral online account, and vice versa. For more info about user roles and permissions in the RingCentral online account, visit RingCentral Predefined User Roles and Permissions.
RingCentral app Super Admins can:
  • Assign another co-worker as a Super Admin
  • Access administration settings within the RingCentral app, where they can create other users and manage certain company app settings
  • View all private and public teams from the Contacts menu, where they can join private teams, reassign team admins, modify team settings, and more
  • Request company data export
RingCentral online account Super Admins can access the RingCentral Admin Portal, where they can perform the following:
  • Assign roles and permissions to other users
  • Set meeting settings for all company users
  • Change company appearance settings such as company name, physical street address, and more
  • Unlock accounts that have been locked for too many failed login attempts
  • Manage data retention for meeting recordings
  • View company analytics related to messages and meetings
  • Configure single sign-on
  • Manage billing information

RingCentral app admin permissions

Standard RingCentral app admin users have the following permissions:
  • Viewing all guests (i.e., people not on your company's private email domain) in the Contacts menu. Non-admins, on the other hand, can only see guests with which they are in a conversation with
  • Removing your company guest users on the RingCentral app. Non-admins can only remove people who have been added but haven't actually signed up yet
  • Deleting posts made by other people. This includes system-generated posts, such as when a user is added to or joins the team. Note: Admins can't delete posts from conversations in which they aren't a participant
  • Assigning admin privileges to other co-workers
  • Managing message data retention
  • Managing file sharing
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