Engage Digital | Intro to agent configuration

Agents are the users who respond to customer messages that come into the platform. To access the Agent section of the platform, an agent must have an agent account and the permissions to access the system. 
There are three predefined roles that contain a set of permissions. An admin must evaluate whether those roles are appropriate to assign to the agents in the platform, or whether the admin should create any custom roles to grant a different set of permissions appropriate to users’ roles. 
Each agent also needs an identity to allow the agent to reply to customers on a channel. For certain channels, the agent identity is automatically created. For other channels, an admin must create an identity manually for the agent.  
An admin may also configure an agent’s profile and settings, such as skills and signatures.
Let’s discuss some of the most important concepts related to agent management:
  • Roles: Roles are security permissions for the user that allow the user access to perform certain tasks or functions in the user interface. Every agent has a role, and these roles act as the security permissions for the agent. Roles are predefined in the product, but they can be modified.
  • Permissions: Permissions grant the agent the ability to access specific functionality within the platform. When channels have been configured within the platform, these include the permissions for reading, replying to, or deleting a message from a particular channel.
  • Identities: Identities are a persona that is assigned to an agent to allow the agent to reply to customers on a channel. An agent needs to have an identity on the channel, such as the company’s profile or username. On Facebook and Twitter, the agent identity is automatically added based on the account. However, with other channels, you will need to create the identity manually.
  • Teams: Teams are a grouping used within an account for reporting and organizational purposes. May include team leaders and agents. Teams are used within an account for reporting and organizational purposes. You can build teams and assign team leaders and agents to those teams.
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