Managing RingCentral Video meeting recordings for mobile

Last updated on July 1, 2022

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Once you have recorded a RingCentral Video meeting, you can view, share, or delete it at any time. You can also view your meeting recordings using the RingCentral Video desktop and web app
Note: RingCentral Video meeting recordings are stored for a maximum time of one year and are then automatically deleted. You can enable email notifications once a meeting recording is ready to view, shared, or deleted.

Viewing meeting recordings in the RingCentral mobile app

  1. Tap Video in the bottom menu bar.
  2. Tap the three-dot More icon at top right.
  3. Select Recordings & summaries.
Select Recordings and summaries
  • The Recent meetings tab shows a list of your most recent video meetings.
Recent meeting tab
  • The Recordings tab shows a list of any recorded video meetings. You can use the search bar to look up the name of a specific meeting or participant.

Managing recorded meetings summary

Once you tap and open a meeting recording details, you can access the RingCentral Video advanced meeting insights, which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to summarize meetings. This feature can help you find information during and after meetings.
Meeting summary

RingCentral Video meeting summary controls

  • Highlights: Once you open a recorded meeting, you can play Highlights to view only the meeting’s important events.
  • Recording: Play the full recording. 
  • Play/Stop: Start or stop playback.
  • Maximize/Minimize: Maximize or minimize the meeting recording window. 
  • Summary: Click to read a summary of the meeting.
  • Copy: Anyone who can access the meeting recording can copy the meeting summary. Only meeting participants can edit the meeting summary. 
  • Edit: You can edit the text to describe the meeting more accurately.
  • Participants: Displays the list of meeting participants.
  • Transcript: Click to view a text transcript of the meeting conversation.
  • Share: Click to share the meeting recording with co-workers. 
  • Delete: Delete meeting recording. RingCentral Video meeting recordings are stored for a maximum of one year, and are then automatically deleted. You can manually delete recorded meetings at any time.

Managing email notifications for meeting recordings

  1. Tap Video in the bottom menu bar.
  2. Tap the three-dot More icon at top right, then select Video meeting settings.
  3. Tap Email settings
  4. Toggle the following options to enable email notifications: Meeting has ended, Recording is ready, Recording is shared, or Recording is deleted.
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